Notes provide a record of information obtained from multiple sources, including direct instruction, videos, and readings, but notes can really be taken during any learning activity. Students should not feel as though they have to feverishly copy everything down that is presented to them. Efficient note-taking involves picking out essential pieces of information and putting it into the students' own words, which is a skill that requires practice. The entries themselves may not require high levels of intellectual engagement, but they can serve as valuable resources for future sense-making activities.


Teacher Routine for Notes:
How to get students ready
How to give feedback
What comes next
Record & organize information

Make sense of data

Serve as reference
Activate prior knowledge:
-review previous lesson, reading or activity

Provide focus question, purpose, or writing prompt

Ask for predictions
When collected:
-sticky notes in notebook
-check for details, completeness
-ask for elaboration
Quick writes


Revise models

Summary table